Grower—Grazier Newsletter Autumn 2022

In This Edition: Procrastination vs Reality | Visibility at Conferences? | Florida Citrus  | High Fertilizer Prices | Product Trials and Grower Observations– CalAcid and NStar | Subtle Energies, Dowsing, Radionics- SE-5 | Forage Plots…Attracting deer and building soil health! | Soil Testing: New Packages, Pricing, and Submission Form

2020 Acres Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show

We’ll be live December 1 – 4, each day from 3:15-5:15 pm. No registration required! We are also having special Q&A session at these times on these topics…anyone can log in even if they aren’t a registered ACRES attendee.  Tuesday, Dec. 1st 11:00am-12:30pm: Soil Testing/Interpretation 1:00-2:30pm: Small Scale Home Gardens 3:15-5:15pm: Exhibit Booth Live Wednesday, Dec. 2nd […]

SAP Analysis…What We’ve Learned and Observed!

Sap Analysis is way to measurement nutrient levels and balance during the growing season. Sap analysis indicates what is happening in the blood of the plant. A sample is collected in two parts, a sample of old mature leaves as well as a sample of new fully developed leaves. This constitutes one sample. For the […]

Cannabis and Hemp Production…Soil Testing is the Basis!

The recent Farm Bill supported the inclusion of Hemp production as a legal and viable agricultural crop. This along with the increasing desire to grow and cultivate both medicinal and recreational cannabis in various states has created quite a fury of soil samples coming into CSI from growers all over the US. Chuck Holman, one […]

Packaged Biologicals…Carbon & Biology

Obviously CSI has been a proponent of package biological products for many years. Having tested products over the years, it is apparent that in lieu of or in conjunction with a good quality compost and/or compost tea, inoculating soil and plants with biological inoculums can also provide the basis for improving soil health, plant health, […]