Soil & Plant Testing

We provide complete lab support including soil analysis and plant tissue analysis. A variety of specialized soil tests makes CSI Soil Testing unique in the industry.

Recommendations & Consulting

Along with your soil testing results come soil fertilizer recommendations, based directly on the results of your soil tests. Additional consulting is also available.

Quality Products

We specialize in Nontoxic, Sustainable, Biological agriculture and the required transitional process. We sell a broad spectrum of biologically enhancing products, both bulk and packaged.

“Your recipe of foliar spray… helped repair the winter damage to both varieties during the growing season. Dane, I cannot express my appreciation with your stellar professional efforts and personal attention in this matter.”

“I tested some corn in the market garden and had 12.5 to 13.5 brix at the stem. I am so exited the energy is building in the soil.”

“Strawberries are the best ever! I lost everything during the 2 weeks of rain but I applied product as per your suggestions and the berries are coming on and are delicious – sweet for the first time.”