Recommendations & Consulting

What Kind of Recommendations Will I Receive?

Your soil fertilizer recommendations will be based on the results of your CEC and/or LaMotte tests. Both tests are preferred for initial soil analysis and are used to begin balancing the soil according to the Cation Exchange Model (CEC), and to activate the biological processes that will increase the LaMotte readings. The amounts of materials recommended will be given in amounts of actual material per acre e.g. pounds or tons of dry matter, or ounces, pints, quarts, gallons etc. of liquid materials before dilution with water. The amount given is for the amount of the material as it is purchased in the marketplace and not in units of fertilizer such as 0-0-50 which would contain 50 units of potash. (Our instructions would be to apply 100 pounds of the whole material if we wanted the 50 units of potash.) Boron is an exception as test will state pounds of actual boron needed. Read your Boron label. If approximately one lb Boron is recommended it would take 5 pounds of 20% material to get that pound of actual Boron. Because this is a building and transition process, you may be asked to add the same material again at a later time such as the following season.

Tell us if you are certified organic. We will recommend only products that comply with NOP (National Organic Program) standards.

If you have a source of fertilizers already, please furnish us with a list of what types of materials you have available.  This would include animal manure (what kind?), compost, rock minerals, sugars, molasses, tank age (slaughter house or fish or vegetable processing waste), blood, vinegar, night soil, yeast, etc.

Specify what testing service(s) you desire.  If nothing is specified, you will receive a basic fall or early spring ground program of dry and liquid products that will start to balance and activate you soil. You must request a separate program for starter or row support or you may use some of the recommended liquid or dry broadcast materials in the row.


soil-testing-consulting-ag-products_01Pre-arranged personal consulting with Dr. Phil Wheeler is available to anyone. Dr. Wheeler will discuss soil test results from any lab, troubleshooting challenging situation or any other question you wish.

Fertility Recommendations

Based on soil test results from Logan Labs, other labs. Recommendations will include soil remineralization, biological inoculation and activation, in addition to pre-plant, starter, side-dress, foliar and fall residue digestion – $35.00   Get Started

Field Consultation

Contact CSI about your specific needs including farm visits, crop walks & educational seminars. Call Dane Terrill  800-260-7933.


Troubleshooting, Analyzing Soil, Tissue or SAP Analysis results – $75.00/hr Get Started