Recommendations & Consulting

What Kind of Recommendations Will I Receive?

Soil Recommendations (Recs) are a detailed explanation of how to improve soil health and grow nutrient dense crops. Recs are divided into three sections: 1) Mineral Balance- amounts of specific mined minerals, fertilizers, and carbon to be applied, per acre or per 1000 ft2, to build levels up to the targets based on the soils capacity to hold these minerals. 2) Biological- suggested biological inoculants to improve microbial diversity and biostimulants to increase activity levels. 3) Fertility- proposed soil and foliar fertility products to support each growth stage of the crop. Each recommendation is developed using a combination of scientific evidence supported by mathematical formulas, an understanding of plant physiological process and nutrient demands, knowledge of biological systems and the impact on soil and plant health, and years of experience working in Organic, Sustainable, Biological, Biodynamic and Regenerative agricultural paradigms.

Certified organic or want to follow organic practices?
We will recommend only products that comply with NOP (National Organic Program) standards.

If you have a source of fertilizers already, please furnish us with a list of what types of materials you have available.  This would include animal manure (what kind?), compost, rock minerals, sugars, molasses, tankage (slaughter house or fish or vegetable processing waste), blood, vinegar, night soil, yeast, etc.


soil-testing-consulting-ag-products_01Pre-arranged personal phone consultation with Dane Terrill to discuss soil and/or plant testing data, troubleshoot challenges, develop fertility programs, and/or answer any other agronomic questions you have. $75/hour

Fertility Recommendations

Using results from other labs, recommendations will include soil remineralization, biological inoculation and activation, in addition to pre-plant, starter, side-dress, foliar and fall residue digestion. – $40.00   Get Started

On-Site Visit/Field Consultation/Educational Seminars

Contact CSI about your specific needs including farm visits, crop walks & educational seminars. Call Dane Terrill  800-260-7933.