Our Approach

We call ourselves Nontoxic/Sustainable/Biological. CSI also services Organic, Bio-Dynamic and Quantum orientated growers. We believe that Mother Nature has a system that recycles nutrients, develops deep soil structure and tilth and generally gives the grower – and especially those raising livestock – the best of all worlds e.g. potential higher crop prices because of higher test weight, animals with improved weight gain and needing significantly less veterinary inputs and higher consumer demand. We recommend inputs that are not all that different from what you’re using now – from natural, rather than chemical, sources – that benefit soil microbes resulting in microbially produced, stable (nonleaching) nitrogen, pathogen suppression, soil tilth, reduced need for large amounts of nitrogen – microbes can produce nitrogen unless we apply too much N at one time – and eventually making the use of chemical control very limited or totally unnecessary.

We believe it’s necessary to have a good nutrient base to provide Mother Nature with the building blocks necessary in growing crops. Nutrient Deficiencies can be common. More importantly, trying to supply deficient nutrients with the wrong materials is what leaves soil biologically dead.

We promote the use of VEGES™ Sound Units and Field Broadcasters both of which impact plant uptake of nutrients. Our goal is high Brix, Nutrient Dense crops, vegetables and feedstocks. As the nutrient density goes up so does the specific gravity/test weight, the feed value and the taste.

We believe livestock is similar to crops in that their health depends upon nutrition as well as environmental conditions. Animals fed forage from conventionally grown crops may require more minerals added to feed rations. Growers often see results in animal health after feeding the first cutting of biologically grown crops. As soils and crops improve, so does the animal’s health. Whereas we don’t specialize in specific animal conditions and remedies, we do provide a few products that provide essential minerals found successful in improving animal health.

Note: The technology we promote is found in The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook and CSI newsletters. These provide the basics of how to proceed and evaluate