About CSI

crop-services-international-logoCrop Services Int’l (CSI) represents over 40 years of guiding growers whose goals are transitioning to more sustainable growing paradigms: reducing chemical fertilizers, fungicide and herbicides and increasing profitability. The technology and concepts utilized can be found in our book The Nontoxic Farming Handbook, newsletters, and various publications focused on improving soil health.

This began in 1971 when Dr Phil Wheeler started his own organic farming operation near Vestaburg, MI while working for Michigan Tech University. He and his wife Louisa raised goats, chickens, beef, pork and lamb for direct marketing and supplying other organic farmers with truckloads of natural fertilizers. He then worked for a Michigan company developing biologically orientated soil and foliar products. In 1984, Ronald Ward met Phil and along with Richard Vaughan, formed TransNational AGronomy, Ltd, a fertilizer and technology company that for ten years supplied farmers with liquid fertilizers. To focus on organic and sustainable paradigms Phil and Louisa started Crop Services International and before long, Ron rejoined Phil at CSI. They built the business by assisting farmers in the transition to more sustainable, biological,energetic and organic paradigms through education, consulting, and products sales. In 1994, they co-authored The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook as a guidebook for their methods and that book is published by AcresUSA.

In 2012 Ron retired from CSI and over the next two years Dr Phil decided to reduce his workload and seek out a buyer of the business. One the clients that utilized CSI’s products and services was Dane Terrill. He along with his business partner Nancy Essex purchased the business to expand the offerings of Flowerfield Enterprises. Flowerfield Enterprises, a pioneer in the vermicompost industry, offered education and products for the small scale vermicompost industry including worm composting bins, books, videos and worms. In addition, in 2006 they developed an Organic Lawn Care business, serving residential homeowners in Southwestern Michigan using compost and compost teas. Using similar tools to promote soil health, Dane began assisting growers in the agricultural sector by developing programs using biology, carbon and nutritional support in broadacre crops, pastures and specialty crops. In 2014, the two businesses merged into Crop Services International.

Today Crop Services International is a leader in promoting the benefits of soil health and crop quality by using similar technologies. Providing the education, soil testing and crop monitoring protocols and interpretation; CSI distributes natural mined minerals, biological inoculums, bio-stimulants, and specialty products to improve soil health, crop quality and profitability to growers throughout North America.


Our Mission

is to provide the most advanced soil testing, technology and products to enable farmers and growers – of all sizes and types – to improve the health of their soils, crops and animals. As growers follow our guidance to mineralize, bio-activate and balance their soils they will gradually see their crops become cleaner [less toxic contamination] and more nutrient dense. Nutrient dense means that crops more completely approach their genetic potential and maximize the amount of minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, omega 3 (and other) oils, amino acids, enzymes, sugars etc. necessary for animal and human nutrition. When livestock and humans are provided with clean, high quality nutrition they are able to express their genetic potential to the fullest. Full genetic potential for livestock means they will be healthy, productive and content. Full genetic potential for humans means they will be healthy, emotionally balanced, productive, happy, clearer thinking-discerning individuals who live and function well in society.