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The Role of Weeds and Insects

We believe both weeds and insects tell us something about the condition of our soil and/or crop. Both proliferate when condition are good and decline when those conditions warrant. Weed populations give you an indication of your soil IF you know how to interpret them. Jay McCaman’s Weeds and Why They Grow and Charles Walters, […]

Nutrient Density

The goal of Nontoxic, Sustainable, Biological farming is to grow high Brix, high nutrient crops. Brix is a refractometer reading indicating the level of dissolved solids (mostly sugars and carbohydrates) contained in the juice being measured. The higher the brix reading the higher the sugars, mineral levels, specific gravity and true protein levels. This adds […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – January 2013

BELATED HOLIDAY GREETINGS: Thank You for Your Past Business & we hope you had a great holiday season and we look forward to working with you this year. Good Luck & Good Growing. Dr. Phil, Joe & Sue. CHANGE AT CSI: Ron Ward has retired. We wish him well and welcome on board Joe Miazgowicz […]

Organic, BioDynamic and Quantum Ag Management Practices

Organic Once considered a 60’s thing, demand for organically raised foods is increasing yearly due to perceived concerns over the use of toxic chemicals in conventional farming. Recently the federal government has codified organic standards meaning that Organically Grown is becoming big business. Still organic too often means what you can and can’t use in […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – August 2012

GREETINGS: Hope you, your family, your livestock and your crops are surviving the challenging weather. Also hope you had crop insurance if needed. This season has certainly reminded me of the importance of supporting your crop at every stage possible. Current commodity prices should allow you to put a little more in to get a […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – January 2012

GROWING PROBLEMS: In spite of our best practices we can still be challenged by Weeds, Insects, Diseases and Conditions. I will address each of these and give you some ideas that may help you avoid or deal with them. These problems can be worsened by rising carbon dioxide levels that can cause a major change in […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – August 2011

Letting Nature Supply All Your Nitrogen Needs Human activity is affecting planet earth to such an extent that natural scientists are naming this time the beginning of a new geological age/epoch called Anthropocene (the recent age of man) and ending what was the Holocene epoch (about 17,000 years ago to present). We are no longer […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – January 2011

YOUR UNIQUENESS: As a reader of this newsletter, Acres USA, Stockman Grass Farmer, etc. you are very much in a minority, although a growing one. You obviously think for yourself and have the ability to discern and seek information outside the university/chemical company system (which has controlled & dominated our agriculture/food system since the 40’s). Their approach has […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – July 2010

THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST: The President’s Cancer Panel, established in 1971, is sounding the alarm bell about chemicals in our daily lives, including those coming from conventional agriculture. The panel is at the top of the “medical mainstream” and not part of the Organic or Sustainable Ag movement. The three person panel has one […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – June 2009

SURPRISE! We decided to send this year’s fall newsletter early to get you information that you can use to strengthen this year’s spring planted crops and certainly for fall crops. Sue came on board in January to handle our ordering and financial systems. Dr. Phil and Ron are very thankful to have her help as […]