Organic, BioDynamic and Quantum Ag Management Practices


Once considered a 60’s thing, demand for organically raised foods is increasing yearly due to perceived concerns over the use of toxic chemicals in conventional farming. Recently the federal government has codified organic standards meaning that Organically Grown is becoming big business. Still organic too often means what you can and can’t use in terms of inputs.

Although dedicated organic growers may, in many cases, produce better results than their conventional counterparts, it’s not necessarily a forgone conclusion. What is the condition of their soil and soil biology? We would prefer the label nutrient dense with backup test data to describe high Brix, high nutrient, nutritious and good tasting produce. After all, it’s not what you don’t use; it’s what you bring to market! By balancing minerals and stimulating microbial life organic growers see a reduction in their weed and insect pressures that typically are challenges in conventional agriculture and can also be a major problem in organic operations. The balance and stimulating is what brings down the weed and insect pressures and  brings up the nutrient density – the taste and nutrition consumers are looking for.

Because of the demand for such labels as Organic, and Grassfed many growers are shifting their management practices. Other growers are shifting because they are concerned about the effects of conventional management practices and/or their costs.

CSI specializes in and can assist you in making a transition from conventional to organic, nontoxic or any other management practice contained on this site. Our technology and products can bring your operation to the high quality results you are looking for.


Based on a series of lectures given by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s, Biodynamics® is a method of agriculture which seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, predating the organic agriculture movement by some twenty years and has now spread throughout the world. (Taken from Biodynamics® recognizes that soil itself can be alive, and this vitality supports and affects the quality and health of the plants that grow in it. Therefore, one of Biodynamics® fundamental efforts is to build up stable humus in soil through composting and the addition of specific preparations.

NOTE: The term, Biodynamics® has been registered as a trademark and has its own certifying agency (see above website). However, there is a difference of opinion among Steiner followers. CSI considers Steiner’s work the important marker.  We integrate his principles into our work and consider his principles part of our Quantum Ag services.

Quantum Agriculture

Just as Energy Medicine is coming into it’s own within the general community, so Quantum Agriculture is becoming more prominent. Quantum Agriculture, which inclludes  Biodynamics® and other energy paradigms, recognizes subtle energies operate in all of Life and acknowledges the role these energies play. Our Quantum Agriculture paradigm includes a mixture of approaches with the emphasis being on the energy field contained within and surrounding the crop, animal or field.

CSI distributes products and devices including  Tainio Field Tuners and VEGES™ Sound Units. Our advanced concepts include the use of electronic scanner, intentionality and quantum physics.

Since quantum agriculture deals with the whole concept of energy it is appropriate to briefly discuss one way of measuring that energy. This has to do with the topic of Radionics and/or the Electronic Scanner. For those interested in learning about and/or purchasing a Radionic Device, please call CSI at 800-260-7933.