CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – June 2009

SURPRISE! We decided to send this year’s fall newsletter early to get you information that you can use to strengthen this year’s spring planted crops and certainly for fall crops. Sue came on board in January to handle our ordering and financial systems. Dr. Phil and Ron are very thankful to have her help as you, our customers, have certainly kept everyone busy. Sales of our “old line” products such as Fish Agra, Nitrozyme and KS Plus are up; growers using field broadcasters with the GW Agriculture preparations or the sprays alone have had a few years under their belts to see results and our new product lines, Blooming Blossom and Green Yields, are taking off beyond our expectations.

THE USUAL LIMITATIONS FOR SPRING CROPS: We know that commercial N usually is over used at the beginning of the season. Because of improper soil microorganism levels and activity, it gets converted to nitrates, pollutes the ground water and is in short supply during the critical last 40-30 days before harvest. This is when maximum amounts of nutrients and energy are needed to fill out the kernels, heads, nuts, fruits, tubers, etc. Another early problem is slow phosphorous release, preventing rapid early root growth which in turns limits early phosphate uptake so critical to developing the potential kernel, head, etc. These problems can be helped with the usual soil mineralization and bio-activity. Our two new product lines (Blooming Blossom and Green Yields) give you an even better chance of overcoming these limitations. Blooming Blossoms for N most anytime, Green Yields (soon) for soys (6” – 8”), newly cut hay/alfalfa fields, double cropping, etc.

BLOOMING BLOSSOMS: Blooming Blossoms is an India based company that has received multiple international awards for their Organic N fixing and P releasing microbial technology. Bioplin fixes N in the soil, NutraTech releases phosphate in the soil and NutraFoliar fixes N on the surface of the leaf. This family of products enables you to get the phosphorous release (needed to grow roots) at very early stages, produce N on a steady, gradual basis in the soil and finally, produce N on the leaf surface at any time during the season, but especially during the late season nutrient and energy draw down period. Bioplinand NutraTech are usually applied right after germination and again about 30-50 days later, especially on high value crops. CSI suggests you foliar feed any crop the last 40-30 days prior to harvest with NutriFoliar for a natural, slowly produced and absorbed-on-demand N source to help bulk out during the final days. We also suggest a liquid potassium (K) source such as Foliar K and/or adding a broad spectrum nutrient source such as Fish Agra (also has some K).

BLOOMING BLOSSOMS IN THE FIELDJohn Martin, our Williamsburg, IN dealer, applied NutriFoliar and fish to some very yellow Triticale. It greened up almost immediately. Word-of-mouth means he can hardly keep the product in stock! He uses them on corn, oats, hay, tobacco and…. John planted oats which then received 6” of rain and turned light yellow. He put on NutraTech & fish when oats were two weeks old. Within 24 hours the crop turned dark green and hasn’t slowed down since. John also put Bioplin in his corn starter mixture (fish, seasalt, seaweed, boron, molasses etc – after all, he is a “biological” grower!) and applied 2 x 2 at planting. Since planting it’s been cold in IN. Right now (6/9/09) the corn is 7 – 8” tall and dark green. Note: John says “its more than just the fish” because he’s used that fish for over 30 years and he can tell the difference with the BioBloosoms Products. Also, John has an Amish KY grower who put NutraTech& fish on his 40 A pasture. He called to order 100 acres more saying the pasture is recovering much more quickly than usual.

9/1/04 “I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the results of using BioNatural products in the vineyards this past season… The problem with my (wine grape) vines was that they were not uptaking micro nutrients from the soil. This caused mid-season clorosis and early defoliation in the crown of the vine. This problem went away using BioNatural product(s). Fruit seemed to ripen more evenly and the yield was up 50 percent.” 9/25/05 “Let me begin by saying that I am even more impressed with the BioNatural products this second year of use. The Conquistador vines held their foliage better and are just now (Sept) starting to drop their leaves. They normally start dropping leaves the third week of July. Also there were much less signs of anthracnose and fungal disease throughout the summer months. The vines show little or no defoliation around the crown of the vine which in past years usually shows up in mid June. The Conquistador crop was also better balanced with even ripening and we had an excellent yield… I also used the product on the Granny Val Muscatine variety that I grow just to eat. They produced the heaviest crop yet and they are ten years old.” June 10, 09 conversation with our Ron: “I’ve used the products now for about 5 years. I very much like the product line, in fact I’ve stopped using any other fertilizers. I like the ‘soil conditioning’ job Bioplin and NutraTech do and I rely completely onNutraFoliar for feeding the crop. I think it best if you use it at label application rates or higher. IF you dilute you will notice it. I apply the NutraFoliar every 30 days and I use a sticker. I think you get better bud break if you use NutraFoliar in the spring. I have lots of limestone in my soil.” Byron Biddle, owner/operator of Three Oaks Winery in Vernon, FL

“Like other growers, when we planted StoneWell Vineyard in the spring of 2000 we began a chemical fertilization program both through our drip irrigation system, and by broadcasting 10-10-10 granules… We found that annual repeated applications of chemical fertilizers lead to the sterilization of the soil, prohibiting natural soil borne microorganisms from supplying sufficient nutrients to the root system, thereby making vines dependent on expensive chemicals for a consistent yield.… we (started using) Bioplin and NutriTech products beginning in 2005. Our vines improved and flourished, and yields of the highest quality organic grapes continue to increase. Last year’s crop of 2007 enjoyed a 45% increase of grapes over the previous ’06 growing season, after using less than suggested dosage amounts of Bioplin and NutriTech to the soil. “Mike Kantz, StoneWell Vineyard, Ocala, Fl (see p. 5)

GREEN YIELDS: Dr. Norman Borlaug, the “Father of the Green Revolution”, has been involved with this product for several years. Much of his experience has been overseas where he has witnessed incredible plant response using this product. When we wrote about this product in our January 2009 Newsletter we didn’t have it named. Subsequently we decided upon Green Yields and, depending upon when your name has been added to our Customer list, you may have received a technical sheet on the product that said the product did not meet NOP standards. The Green Yields tech sheet has now been modified to remove the statement about “does not meet NOP requirements”. ALWAYS contact your certifying agency as we are still unsure of its NOP status.

Green Yields is not sold through conventional agricultural channels. We are a distributor of the product through www.greenyieldsIL.com . You can go to this website, read about the product and watch 9 (at this writing) videos discussing and showing some of what this plant-based adjuvant will do. Our technical sheet says the product is, “A plant based extract, classified as a foliar liquid surfactant that appears to dramatically affect plant and root growth. In addition, the research shows a typical brix increase of up to 50% within 2 days of spraying. Repeat spraying every 20 – 30 days kept the brix at the increased level, however, withoutrepeat sprayings the brix levels were still elevated for about four weeks.” We don’t know why root growth is stimulated, but believe the increased growth and yield are due to the dramatic increase in root growth, especially the fine root hairs which increase the nutrient absorbing surface by 1000’s of times.

GREEN YIELDS IN THE FIELD: Green Yields has had some very impressive plant root and yield responses. Ron has received numerous emails with pictures (p 6) showing extensive root growth and (barley) head growth compared to non-treated controls; corn roots covered with very fine root hairs, and pictures from several crops – sweet potatoes, okra, wheat, barley and others – with significant root mass compared to non-treated. Notice the extensive root hair development. The Green Yields system is in the process of evaluating/fine tuning how much product really needs to be applied to get good results. Green Yields andBlooming Blossom are very compatible to mix.

Richard N began spraying using a three-year-old 1,000-gal sprayer with a 90-foot boom. He read the “clean out” instructions on our label, but thought that since his sprayer was so new and looked so clean inside he didn’t need to do the pre-wash routine. “The first batch went out fine. Then with the second load, the nozzles began losing pressure, the filters were getting partially clogged. I had to beat a rain, so I just slowed down and kept going. I finished about 15 minutes before it started raining. I found the main filter about half clogged and the five individual filters on the boom lines about a third full of residue. This stuff is a tank cleaner, all right.” CSI recommends following tank cleanout instructions!

KS PLUS IN THE FIELD: KS Plus has an even greater beneficial effect when added to manure before composting. When the composted KS Plus was applied, tissue tests on potatoes (shown on  p. 7) showed a 25-40 % increase in phosphorous, a 30-40 % increase in potassium, the zinc doubled and the copper jumped 10 fold. The check had 600 #’s 12-12-12, 50 gal 10-34-0 and 1000# KS Plus. The photo shows about three times the growth! This has created quite a stir in southern California.

PURE ENERGY CAN CHANGE THINGS: GW Agriculture supplies CSI with vials containing specific Wholistic™ brand energy/informational patterns for use in our Lovel type Broadcasting Towers as well as field sprays for direct application to fields. These types of homeopathic products are an example of what we call Quantum Ag (in this case dealing with Energy). Go tohttp://theccdsolution.com where you can download information about stopping/controlling The Colony Collapse Disorder honey bees are currently experiencing. Click on bottom link to download Greg’s free Wholistic™ Field Broadcaster Handbook. Greg Willis announced his CCD (colony collapse disorder) Solution is working (see testimonials below). His Dandelion Formula (frost protection – holds back flowering), Field Drying and Transplant Formula sprays are highlighted in the picture section (p8). His Fungus Interruptus™ fungal control is gaining wide appreciation and acceptance.

ENERGY IN THE FIELD: Ross Baumstone from N. California. Ross raises tomatoes in a greenhouse. In two years of using GW’s preparations, including Fungus Interruptus™. He has not had any powdery mildew or botrytis at all in his greenhouse.

Rick Hanson, commercial greenhouse manager outside Chicago. Rick’s been using GW’s products instead of chemicals now for two years. The company, Mayday’s Greenhouse, has split the management of the green houses between Rick and another man who manages the other half of the operation chemically. Rick hasn’t been able to completely eliminate chemicals since they get so many new plants running through their systems and there are always bugs and other problems coming in. But he says his quality is as good or better than the other manager’s quality for a lot less cost. He has no fungus problems at all; no white files; almost no fungus gnats. He uses the Valerian spray as a final spray to intensify the colors. Customers love his quality.

Dan Underwood from Michigan called to say his land was too wet to plow this spring (2009), so he popped a Field Drying Formula™ vial into his Field Broadcaster Tower on Saturday. By Sunday afternoon the fields were almost too dry to plow. Just 2 days! What a difference. He used the new field drying formula that’s 2 times faster than the original.

Bill Groen, an almond grower on 75 acres in the Sacramento Delta area, reports he’s had absolutely NO fungus of any kind on his almond trees or nuts. He’s been using Fungus Interruptus™ on his trees for three years. Nothing else! Thissaved him $1,600 in fungicides that all his neighbors had to spray.

Jacqueline Freeman sent an email praising her hay harvest this year. Jacqueline is a proud user of GW’s sprays and after a few years really has a handle on how to best use them. Last year’s hay harvest was a banner year. “We had hoped for 100 bales and got 180. Isn’t that remarkable? Beautiful grass, too. We thought we’d be buying hay part way through the season and instead we ended the season with extra bales.”

Hank Beckmeyer, California winemaker, cheesemaker and vineyard owner, two and a half years ago switched to Fungus Interruptus™ and the Wholistic™ Ultra Field Sprays. He has not had any fungus of any kind during these 2 1/2 years including Powdery Mildew and Botrytis which are common in California vineyards. His wine quality is all “Gold Medal”.

Paul McDowell, Montello, WI corn and soybean farmer planted his corn, each seed bag pretreated with the Seed Starting & Transplant Formula™ and Ultra Field Spray™, (a simple process that only takes a minute). Two weeks after planting the roots on the corn were 5″ – 7″ deep and tops 1.5″ – 2″ tall, a perfect 4:1 root to top length ratio. This is an ideal start for his corn.

Jacqueline Freeman Teacher of “Bees: The Other Way”, Friendly Haven Farm, Battle Ground, WA “I went into winter with five hives, all collected from swarms in spring 2007. Over the winter I lost two of them. I’d noticed decreased activity in the two hives and wasn’t surprised I lost them, although watching a hive decline is particularly painful. I also noticed another hive looked sluggish and was afraid I was going to lose that one, too. Then in January a hive’s roof blew off in a storm. The comb got totally soaked. In the Pacific Northwest this would usually be the death knell for a hive because our constant dampness won’t let a moisture-laden hive dry out. I sprayed the Wholistic™ Agriculture ‘bee sequence’ on all the hives about three weeks ago. Yesterday we opened up the hives to have a look. ALL the hives looked strong, were building new comb and had plenty of brood. The activity level was high, just what you like to see this time of year. I believe the Wholistic™ Agriculture sprays made a significant difference in the bee’s health and vitality and I am truly glad I put them to use.”

Patti Pitcher, Beekeeper, Snoqualmie, WA “In a time when we are all worried for our bees, I have watched mine thrive using Wholistic™ Agriculture’s CCD kit. The hives we tend are doing beautifully. They are filled with so much honey it astounds me. When I look into each hive I see the bees radiating an obvious vibrant state of health; but, what is even more exciting to me is how well the wild hives are doing. This year our two wild honeybee hives multiplied and turned into three thriving hives. And our native bee populations are doing well too. I saw them increase in numbers this year, compared to a decrease last year before I started doing the CCD Solution.”  Update:  “I opened up one of my hives the other day (one that I have been using the CCD Solution Kit on)…my goodness it was a hopping place of liveliness. Very busy and happy bees!”

FALL IS FAST APPROACHING: Fall is the time for soil testing and mineralization. Tn Brn Phosphate and KS Plus are two primary mineral sources to keep in mind.  We have stock piles ready to access. Shotgun applications would be: Tn Brn Phos: 500 – 800#/A. KS Plus: 400 – 800#/A. These amounts will give you a good amount and should last several years.

WE NEED REPRESENTATIVES JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE! As you may have noticed, we are running ads in AcresUSA & Stockman Grass Farmer, looking for new dealers. There are huge farming areas not being covered by anyone. In today’s economy there is a chance to help growers achieve sustainability and earn income for yourself or someone you would recommend.

CSI offers access to soil testing, technologies and products that will help make you (and your customers) a success. You just need to go out and call on growers to get them started. CSI has one of the broadest product lines in the industry. We have the best mined minerals at the best prices. We have both organic and non-organic trace minerals and we have a variety of bio-activators. With that in mind, please click here for part two of this CSI June 09 Newsletter.