CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – January 2003

BACK TO BASICS: Because we have so many new customers “sign on” in 2002 and because we are beginning our tenth year of service to sustainable agriculture, it would be a good idea to review the basics of agriculture. Thanks to those who have been with us since the beginning and to all those who […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – September 2002

FIELD TRIP: Louisa and I recently took a trip to the Northwest, meeting with many growers, customers, suppliers and old friends in Idaho who I saw again for the first time in 50 years. Two subjects, that we have never addressed before, became apparent as worthy of discussion. They are management and estate planning. These […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – February 2002

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR: Thanks for taking advantage of our fall sales and awards program. Two grower families have already qualified for a vacation week in 2002. One eastern seaboard grower has been successfully foliar feeding his hundreds of acres of soys with Fish Agra and Nitrozyme seaweed for the last several years. He […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – September 2001

Thanks to all of our clients for making this another record breaking season! And fall hasn’t even happened yet! The lab has been steady all summer and sales were brisk in April, May, and June and continued a slow, but steady pace throughout the summer. Louisa got a workout with sales and the lab when […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – January 2001

Because CSI now has a new reader base that call themselves “graziers “, I have included them in the title. They graze various livestock throughout the country, on grass or grass/legume mixtures. Some practice intensive or rotational grazing and some do not. Because of space limitations I will have to address most issues with both […]

CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – August 2000

FALL PROGRAMS: Fall is the best time to remineralize or paramagnetize or put on a composted material. The fall, winter and early spring months allow the soil and microbes to absorb, process and incorporate the materials in preparation for next springs crop. Even this fall’s grain, cover crop or permanent pasture will benefit as well. […]

The Worst Disease In The United States

By Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D. You probably have a mild case of this disease without even being aware of it.  The fact that you are reading Acres USA probably means that your symptoms don’t include the agricultural paradigm.  Of course I am talking about “Paradigm Paralysis”, that disease that affects us all, because we are human. The […]