CSI Grower Grazier Newsletter – August 2000

FALL PROGRAMS: Fall is the best time to remineralize or paramagnetize or put on a composted material. The fall, winter and early spring months allow the soil and microbes to absorb, process and incorporate the materials in preparation for next springs crop. Even this fall’s grain, cover crop or permanent pasture will benefit as well. They will help to hold/bio-activate/electronically tune the minerals for future use by the next crop. CSI has assembled a great group of commodities to choose from; phosphates, humates, potash, gypsum, etc. and including some ammonium sulfate from the nylon industry. Most of my non-certified clients have come to realize that the application of 100-200 lbs. of ammonium sulfate in the fall is one of the best things you can do for their soil and next year’s annual or any perennial. Try it on your lawn and see what happens. It works best if the lime (calcium) is kept up. Watch for our Acres USA and Stockman Grass Farmer ads in Sept. and Oct.

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: Those of you working with the carbohydrates such as sugar or molasses combined with nitrogen will be dramatically increasing the bacterial counts. Other important little critters have to eat different things. Fungi will be turning green residues into active humus which can/will serve as a source of energy for the next crop. The proliferation of microbes can also produce more permanent/inactive humus called humin. However, the microbes that do that are acetimytes. In order for acetimytes to do their thing, you have to provide “brown” matter containing lignin rather than cellulose and hemi-cellulose. Brown matter is dried stalks, stover, hulls, sawdust etc. So, if your system is digesting green manure rapidly, than start thinking about providing the brown stuff to build more permanent organic matter. WARNING: I just received a phone call from a grower whose failed to consider the above. He has been on a biological program for many years and has radionics available. He apparently began following a standard program based on a group of products with bacterial emphasis. They were working well so he even became a dealer. He didn’t check the products radionically himself this year, but was told by another operator that product X was not appropriate on his farm this year. He used it anyway. The soils on the whole farm tightened up even though there is adequate moisture and the crops are suffering. He sent samples to Elaine Ingram of Soil Web in Oregon and she reported the ratio of bacteria to fungi to be way out of whack. His son checked for potassium radionically and found very little in the plants. Without the benefit of a LaMotte test, my analysis is as follows: Potassium, which is usually available, even on chemical farms, is being suppressed. Reason could be complete change of bacterial species or high levels of active calcium suppressing the K. The magnesium has become very available or very non-available and is binding up what is already high magnesium content clay. LESSONS TO LEARN: There are many good products, but only the ones that resonate with your crops and soil, as shown by radionics, should be applied repeatedly and never excessively. Dr. reams warned about too much of anything, especially when the LaMotte numbers get very high. Run LaMottes yearly!

Nematodes are good to have in your soil! It has now been shown that a class of good nematodes continually produces a manure pellet containing almost exclusively ammonia nitrogen. The potential addition to soils is very significant. Dr. Reams taught that the finding of significant ammonia nitrogen on the LaMotte test showed great progress toward biological recovery. CSI lab stills finds the majority of submitted soils have very low ammonia readings, but some of you are making excellent progress. Growers need to continually back off of the chemical input, feed the good guys, maybe use some detoxifying bacteria as well as adding some new species, etc. to reach that point.

NEW IDEAS: The use of RepellEX AG (garlic juice) allowed the reduction of RoundUp by 75%. Garlic is highly systemic and will carry the chemical throughout the plant.

Fruit splitting in cherries was eliminated using mycorrhizia inoculant on the roots at planting. Mycorrhizia increase efficiency of nutrient uptake, especially phosphorous.

RepellEX and Fish Agra worked very well together as a bird and deer repellent.

Glacial Acetic Acid (manufactured form of the acid in vinegar) worked well against scab.

Fireblight was dried up by spraying with 3 gal. of 50% hydrogen peroxide in 20 gal. of water, followed by 3 lbs. of baking soda in 20 gal. water after 4-5 hours. The peroxide works internally on the bacteria and the oozing stops fairly quickly.

Powdery mildew is being controlled by milk! I don’t know how well our processed milk will do, but try a 10% milk solution twice a week on infected areas. Mild infestations have been controlled with a 5% solution. Potassium phosphate is an important compound in milk and your plants can use it to build immunity. Having medium to high available phosphates on your LaMotte test is the important first step to having your plant pick up the K and internally make it into potassium phosphate.

If the pH of plant sap is less than 6.4, fungal attack is more likely, if pH is above 6.4, insect attack is more likely.

RepellEX or CropGuard In Row is important to use in the row or with transplant solutions if you have any history of disease or insect pressure from previous seasons. Waiting to see if immunity becomes well developed enough to repel insect and diseases makes it that much harder to induce repellency later. Selenium and sulfur compounds are the key factors in the garlic. Prevention is a better than rescue. That also leads to consideration of the Tenn. Brown Rock phosphate [55 ppm selenium] for use in low selenium areas. It will be very beneficial for livestock graziers or feeders as the selenium in the forages or grains will build immunity in the livestock. It is a lot cheaper to do it that way than by injections.

Absorption of organic molecules takes less energy by plants than mineral ion absorption even though the organic molecule carries an electric charge like an ion. That is why Fish Agra continues to perform on a variety of crops, soils and under stressful weather conditions.

Kaliente, which means hot/heat in Spanish, “fries” insects, eggs, etc. but as one grower found out, the fumes/mist are hot enough to make you sneeze, blow, eyes run, etc. It is not phytotoxic to delicate plants. Use with a sticker for longer lasting results and wear a face protector.

The homeopathic products from Nutrapathic are showing significant release of nutrients in the soil and major increases of uptake in the plants, especially calcium. This action is in addition to the soil conditioning and weed suppression actions.

PRODUCT UPDATES: The organic version of Kaleinte, called Complete is still being worked on. There is a problem finding a certifiable, non-GMO source of a minor natural ingredient. Let’s hope for spring of 2001 for OMRI approval.

The Montana Grey Rock and Tenn. Brown Rock phosphates have been OMRI approved.

Bio/Organics has received the OMRI approval for their mycorrhizia organisms.

The BSG seed or transplant treatment is the most economical way to introduce mycorrhizia into an annual crop. BSG is controlling rhizoctonia, pythium and fusarium in soybeans. Remember, sometimes it is less expensive to go for increased absorption rather than trying nutrient replacement when levels are medium-low. OMRI pending.

NITROZYME continues to be the premier seaweed on the market. Nothing else even comes within half the hormonal strength at similar rates and cost.

The Veges sound machines are on test plots around the country. The patent tests already prove they work, we just want more field data from a variety of geographical locations, soils and crops. We would appreciate feedback on the machines and any of our products.

NEW PRODUCTS: CSI now has powdered or liquid yucca available for those who live in drought areas, are paying for water or are spending money on irrigation. Yucca is a natural surfactant with amazing bio-stimulant properties. It will be on next spring’s price list.

CSI will also be reintroducing a product from the TNA [TransNational Agronomy] era. The product will again be named Aqua Hold. It is a bacterial mixture designed to be combined with 15-20 lbs. of sugar per acre to produce large amounts of polysaccharides. These long chain sugars will bind sand, open up clay and help to hold more moisture.

CSI TRAVEL, LECTURES, CLASSES: Phil will be in Montana and southern Idaho first week of Aug; Tenn. in mid-August; Australia in late Oct and early Nov; speaking at the Stockman Grass Farmers conference in Atlanta on Nov. 17 th; and conducting a 3-day Non-Toxic Farming seminar in the twin cities on Dec.4, 5, 6, [Mon., Tues., Wed.] just prior to Acres. (Call CSI to register for the seminar this year.) Also speaking at Acres.

IMPORTANT: CSI office will be closed in GR from Sept. 9 to 25, but Phil and Louisa will continue to provide sales support from Orlando FL. The lab will be closed, so plan accordingly. If you do call in during that time, please leave a clear message with name and phone number and a good time to get back to you so we can take care of you as efficiently as possible. We also plan to get a laptop computer so we can respond to e-mail during that time. [There is no “good time” for us to take a vacation] Sorry for any inconvenience.

FOR SALE: CSI has about 2/3’s of a barrel of liquid chelating agent that can be used to make a batch of liquid calcium or other chelated minerals. Price is $5.00 gallon FOB Grand Rapids. CSI will help you with the formulation.

OTHER THINGS OF POSSIBLE INTEREST: Phil and Louisa do not usually participate in multi level marketing [MLM] even though we live in the same city as the (in)famous Amway. However, we sometimes buy health-oriented things from MLM companies. Since last fall, we have found two different companies that have products that have worked very well for us. The first company sells two types of machines. We purchased a “Chi” machine and an “FIR” [far infrared] last Dec. The Chi machine has provided us a wonderful aerobic work out without any potential impact damage of joints. All you do is lie on your back with your feet slightly elevated on the machine. It oscillates back in forth and moves your spine side to side from bottom to top. It has allowed me to maintain great lung/wind condition without having to jog/run/etc. I can rollerblade 10 miles or bike 20 without even breathing hard. The FIR is a half-culvert shaped device that fits over your body when lying down or sitting up. It broadcasts infrared heat/energy into your body at the same frequency your body radiates energy out. As a result, the body can use the increased energy to improve circulation and make necessary repairs. Louisa was able to deal with a potentially serious abdominal condition that usually is considered untreatable. All pain and indications are gone.

We also tried some new clear liquid minerals that claim to be in “angstrom” size units. My granddaughter brought home an eye infection from school about a month ago. Both my eyes became very red and the infection set heavily in the lower eyelids. I took the silver formula internally and used it with eyewash twice a day. It cleared up in 2 days. If anyone has any further interest in either concept, give us a call.

THANKS for helping us have a great spring and summer season. We are looking forward to serving your needs for this fall. Good Luck! Phil & Louisa Wheeler