The Worst Disease In The United States

By Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D.

You probably have a mild case of this disease without even being aware of it.  The fact that you are reading Acres USA probably means that your symptoms don’t include the agricultural paradigm.  Of course I am talking about “Paradigm Paralysis”, that disease that affects us all, because we are human.

The word paradigm is probably familiar to you, but it might be difficult for you to answer if someone approached you and asked, “What is a paradigm”.  The dictionary definition of a paradigm is “an example or pattern”.  Synonyms are more revealing: model, mold, standards, and ideals.  We all practice, use, believe in, or espouse multiple paradigms every day.  When Christmas or other holidays arrive, we especially love to practice our paradigms to their fullest degree: we travel to the grandparent’s home or we travel to the new young couple’s home; we go to a candlelight service at church on Christmas eve or maybe we have a family evening together; we open one present and save the rest till morning or we open them all or we save them all till morning.  These are the paradigms of our lives.

“Paradigm Paralysis” is the inability to look outside the current model we are using for a given paradigm or looking outside and being unable to make changes or adopt a new model.  The causes of paradigm paralysis include: fear; peer pressure; lack of energy, knowledge or resources; and a myriad of other valid causes.  The fears can include: fear of change; fear of ridicule; fear of failure; or again, a variety of fears or concerns.

Most of our paradigms serve us well.  Sometimes paradigms fail us, such as in the case of divorce, when the spouse’s paradigms differ much more than they realized when they met and married.  Sometimes we change churches or career paths because our paradigm [belief] changed or the institution or employer changed.

One of the intriguing aspects of paradigms is that, as models, they are not the “real” thing.  We all believe that our paradigms are reality and are the ultimate truth.  The only problem with that is that millions of other people think their paradigms, which differ from ours, are reality and the ultimate truth.  No wonder we have conflicts in the world!

So why are paradigms worth reading about in an agricultural publication?  Because two of the most important paradigms in our lives, agriculture and health/medicine were created with war, money, power and politics in mind, rather than on a true scientific basis with the general welfare in mind.  The power of paradigms are so great and paradigm paralysis so prevalent that the US has gone from a country with many high organic matter, mineral rich soils to being named the country with the worst soil degradation and from a country with reasonably healthy people to one that now has some of the worst rates for degenerative diseases, diabetes and obesity in the world.  8 out of 10 of our list of killer diseases are related to the condition of our soil, air and water as well as our “life styles” which includes our diets.

Let’s start with the agricultural paradigm.  Readers of Acres are well familiar with the need for new paradigms and the names and patterns of such alternative paradigms as organic, sustainable/biological, biodynamic and quantum agriculture.  What you may not be as familiar with is how we came to the current paradigm of standard/chemical agriculture.  Recently, during a lecture to growers in Australia, a farmer became quite upset while listening to my lecture on the history of agriculture.  He was upset because he thought the agricultural model he had been practicing was based on sound science and understanding of the “nature of nature”.  He was amazed to find out that the current model was largely “imported” from the US and that the model was based on industrial, war and political needs!

Let’s pick up the story of agriculture in the 1840’s.  Phosphate was recognized as an essential nutrient, but there was difficulty in getting plants to pick up the phosphate when it was applied as hard rock phosphate directly from the mine.  Acid soils seemed to utilize rock phosphate better, so a manufacturing process was created to acidulate [with sulfuric acid] the phosphate before it went on the soil to make it “soluble” for easier uptake.  A fertilizer similar to 0-20-0 was created by the process.  Other soluble salts such as potassium nitrate [salt peter] and Chilean Nitrate of Soda Potash were imported into the US as recorded in James Michener’s book, Centennial.

Fast forward to the 1890’s when industrial production or importation of acid salt fertilizers was in full swing in Europe.  Julius Hensel started to question the need for all this industrialization for what appeared to be a natural, biological process. [Readers can obtain his book, Bread from Stone, from Acres USA.]  Hensel discovered that he could grow fruits and vegetables with finely ground silt or colloidal minerals, from the mountain streams.  More importantly, the plants grew very well and did not draw insects and diseases.  Publication of his work proved the industrial paradigm had serious flaws and threatened powerful monetary and political interest.  Protection by the law and legal authorities goes out the window when current paradigms are questioned because the legal authorities share the same paradigm as the industrialists and usually have vested interests as well.  Harassment, suppression, discrediting, and destruction soon followed.  [The same type of thing happened to Wilhelm Reich, Ruth Downs, George Earp-Thomas, Dr. Carey Reams, Dr Albrecht and many, many other pioneers in agriculture and health throughout the entire 20th Century.]  [The author saw Hensel’s work duplicated by John Hamaker in Michigan in the 70’s.]

Moving up 20 years later in Austria, the industrial model led to problems with soil and live stock health. The farmers approached Dr. Rudolph Stiener, a noted scientist, theologian and philosopher for help.  His “answers”, though appearing very strange and esoteric at the time, went on to become the basis of the agricultural paradigm called Biodynamics.  The biodynamic paradigm went the complete opposite direction from the industrial model in that it concentrated on gathering natural energies from outside the earth into preparations and applying them in homeopathic solutions to soil and plants.  Biodynamics prospered in Europe andAustralia although still very much as a minority paradigm compared to the conventional model.  The US had minor adoption of the paradigm and it is still a very small part of the agricultural paradigm in the US.

Other Europeans such as Lord Balfour began forming the patterns of “Organic” agriculture in the early 1900’s as well.  The organic paradigm came to the US with a little more impact than biodynamics.  With the help of early American pioneers like J.I. Rodale, the word “Organic” was brought into the vocabulary.  Most of the organic activity was in organic gardening until the late sixties and early seventies.  During that same period, sustainable/biological agriculture also appeared and began to grow.  Since the author lived and worked in that era, I can guarantee you that the new paradigms were not met with open arms by the existing paradigm holders, the land grant universities and their educational arms, the extension service.  Let’s drop back to the 1940’s to see how the paradigm that the extension service was so vigorously defending developed in the first place.

World War II had a major impact on what was a reasonably natural model of agricultural in the US with some industrialization thrown in. If you examine the USDA annual yearbooks of agriculture in the late 30’s and 40’s, you will see a major shift in approach or “patterns” of the paradigm around 1946 and 1947.  The war had ended and the political influence was beginning.  TheUS had experienced two world wars in the last 30-40 years, so there was good reason to think there could be another.  The wars had produced industrial models for munitions production and employed thousands in the factories.  The dilemma was: how to keep our ability to produce munitions, but not have huge stockpiles that would become expensive and dangerous.  Ammonium nitrate, of Oklahoma City fame, and anhydrous ammonia, of jungle floor hardening fame [now of drug making fame] needed a place to be used for other purposes.  So the political/military/economic decision was made to use American farm land as the “great dumping ground”.  Regretfully, crops will respond to luxury feeding.  Conveniently, the luxury feeding of N requires more feeding of P and K, so the fertilizer companies were all too willing to go along with the application of munitions materials.

Perhaps they really didn’t know at the time the effects of fertilizing this way, but it didn’t take long to find out that the industrial paradigm created a need for pesticides.  Conveniently, we had another war technology called Nerve Gas!  Nerve gas technology developed by Germany became the basis for our chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides.  The industrial model also seemed to increase weed pressure as well.  Herbicides became an excepted part of”modern” farming operations.  Acidulated fertilizers killed mycorrhizia, the main beneficial root fungi of typical crops and guaranteed the need for more of the same.  Money from the fertilizer and chemical sales poured into the land grant institutions and careers were made, mortgages and retirements paid and the paradigm became the only “truth”.  The paradigm can be described as,”N-P-K simplistic nonsense, followed by toxic rescue chemistry”.

Currently the most active alternative paradigms are sustainable/biological with many practitioners making the move to the more restrictive Certified Organic.  Biodynamic comes in a distant third in the US.  The newest paradigm is called Quantum Ag and combines the best of all the alternative paradigms with advanced electronics, homeopathy, radionics and quantum physics.  The goal of Quantum Ag is to gather and control all available energy sources [earth and cosmic] and direct them to the soil, plant and atmosphere above the soil while continuing to mineralize and biologically activate.

Are you ready to “heal” yourself of paradigm paralysis and move into a new agricultural paradigm?

The medical/health paradigm has a similar history.  The prevailing form of medicine in the late 1800’s as imported from Europewas Homeopathy blended with thousands of years of herbal and folk remedies and surgical procedures.  Homeopathy was based on the work of Samuel Hahneman, a German doctor. He became disillusioned with the approach and methods used in medicine of his time [late 1700’s] and they had also failed his daughter as well.  He gave up the practice of medicine and went into the business of translating foreign medical related texts into German.  While translating the Greek Hippocrates, he came across the phrase, “like cures like”.  He began a series of trials or “proofs, to see if this was true.  His first proof is still with us today.  He used Peruvian Chinchona bark to induce the symptoms of malaria in a patient.  The active component of Chinchona is quinine, still an accepted remedy for relief of malaria symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are made by taking very small amounts of the material that produces effects similar to the disease and then diluting and percussing the material into water solution.  Percuss means to pound or shock the water and material solution by striking the container against your hand several times.  This percussion imprints the energy pattern of the material into the water. By the time you finish the dilution process, there is so little material left in the solution that standard science claims that it couldn’t possibly have any effect on a person.  However, the water remembers/retains the energy pattern of the original substance.

Claiming homeopathy doesn’t work is like saying biodynamic preps spread on fields don’t work, projected radionic energy patterns don’t work or a Hugh Lovel or Bob Benson tower doesn’t do anything.  The author uses a homeopath and, believe me, homeopathy does work.  Modern homeopaths may now use a radionic imprint and can just choose a remedy frequency to imprint on to a moist sugar pill [called a blank] to issue to the client.  There are complete computer programs available to help the practitioner clearly identify the symptoms expressed by the client and correlate them with one of more remedies.

Hahnemann went on to make hundreds of proofs.  These formed the basis of what is now the book called the Material Medica. Because of the success of Homeopathy, there were more Homeopathic hospitals in the US prior to 1930 than there were Allopathic hospitals.

Allopathic medicine is defined as, “the method of treating disease by the use of agents, producing effects different from those of the disease treated.”  Was what very humorous to the author were the words following the definition that appeared in my old dictionary; “opposed to homeopathy”.  Wow, is that an understatement.  Homeopathy is very inexpensive.  The office call costs are usually very moderate, and the remedies cost a few dollars.  There is no need for man-made “foreign”, side effect producing molecules from drug companies in the homeopathic system!

So how or why did the allopathic paradigm replace the homeopathic paradigm as the main steam medical model?  Many doctors went off to serve in WW I.  Somehow, in their absence, collusion began between insurance companies and drug manufacturers to take control of medicine/health began. Allopathic medicine quickly became a very lucrative business.  [Remember that Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and internationally respected physician, and his work had already been discredited for daring to cure cancer with energies.]  Just as chemical money flowed into the land grant institutions, the drug money flowed into the medical schools. According to some accounts, it was pretty much of a strong arm tactic.  Another factor between WW I and WW II was the “medicalization” of human childbirth.  It wasn’t long before the doctor as “God” paradigm became the standard.  With the help of the FDA, anything threatening the paradigm was quickly squashed, including the smashing of radionics machines in the early 50’s.  The chiropractic paradigm was criminally suppressed until they finally won a law suit against the AMA in the late 1900’s.

There is no doubt that modern medicine has much to offer.  Antibiotics, which are mainly derived from nature, have saved countless lives.  They do not usually contain compounds/molecules which are foreign to the human body as is the case with most other modern drugs.  Just listen to the side effects following the way to numerous drug ads for every sickness problem on your TV. Our surgery, lab technology and emergency care are among the world’s best, but it was only less than 15 years ago that the AMA finally admitted that nutrition might have something to do with health and disease!  So why would you even think of using another paradigm along with allopathic medicine or totally without it?  Keep in mind that a large percentage of recoveries from minor diseases/conditions are from the placebo effect.  You went to the doctor believing in his paradigm and accepting it as your own, therefore what he administers to you will obviously cure you, even though it was an antibiotic for a cold virus which will not be affected by the antibiotic in the least.

Human dis-ease can be separated into two types, those involving a bacteria, virus or fungus and those that have no such entity present.  If there is no entity present, it should be called a condition.  In both cases there is usually a nutritional deficiency and/or a genetic weakness involved. [Plagues of very virulent strains of “germs” can override even healthy immune systems and we are not including them in this discussion.  However, even in plagues, all exposed persons do not die.]  The beginning of any disease/condition is a loss of energy from a group of cells.  This loss of energy continues until the body repairs the damage.  If repair does not occur by natural body defenses, then “symptoms” appear.  Usually, if the liver is still functioning and has the right minerals, enzymes and vitamins available, new cells can be produced to heal the situation.  Prior to the symptom stage is the best time to heal.  That is why supplementation, exercise, good diet, water, etc. are so important.

Allopathic medicine has never attempted to detect the energy loss stage.  Dr. William Tiller, world renowned material physicist and author of Science and Human Transformation was doing this, years ago, at Stanford Univ.  He could even track the energy as it was carried out through the lymph system.  Radionic practitioners and all the other energy medicine pioneers were all doing this.  Readers should note that it is still illegal in the US to do this with radionics on human subjects. States will vary in enforcement, but the FDA is relentless.  Europe and many other countries allow energy work is conjunction with medical doctors. Allopathic medicine has recently made a break through in early detection by chemistry, i.e. identification of certain proteins that indicate prostrate and certain other cancers. [It is very early detection, but cancerous cells are already present in large enough quantities to be a problem.]  Full body MRI’s also allow for earlier detection, but costs, interpreting results and efficacy are still in question.  The “best solution” is to maintain health through life style, diet/nutrition and supplementation.  It is obvious that that message is not the accepted paradigm in the US.

When you reach the symptom stage, you still have a chance to cure “paradigm paralysis” and let your body heal itself.  If you have never stepped outside the allopathic paradigm, it will be a scary thing to do.  What are the alternatives?  If you really are new to the alternative medical/health paradigm, let the allopathic practitioner run the tests and give their diagnosis.  Then the journey begins. If it is a condition and not a disease [no germ, virus, prion or fungus, then you don’t need an antibiotic, but you may need a painkiller to get through the early healing time.  Try to avoid taking any symptom masking drug that does nothing to help your body heal. Your choices for further advice on how to deal with the condition include chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, etc. They will talk about how to get your body to heal itself, not about how they are going to “cure” you. Honest allopathic doctors will tell you they can’t cure anything, they just try to suppress systems so the body can heal.  If you want to go it alone, you have to read.  An excellent book to start with is, Foods that Harm Foods that Heal, published by Readers Digest. Another great book is Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Bach, MD and Phyllis A. Bach, C.N.C.  You may have to add or delete some foods completely from your diet.  You may have to make lifestyle changes.  But which would you prefer: a diagnosis of arthritis, [a catch-all phrase for “something is wrong with your joints.”] followed by painkillers, continued deterioration of the joint for the rest of your life or changing your diet, rebuilding the cartilage and full use of the joint in accordance with your age?

I can certainly say this is possible since a close family member has done it twice in a lifetime.  The first time was by using the Dr. Reams method of fasting, followed by corrective diet and supplementation.  [Dr. Reams and his trained practitioners were able to help many people with the same success over decades.] The second time was again diet change and “advanced” supplementation that wasn’t available years ago.  What is meant by advanced supplementation?  Most supplements are in the capsule or pill form such as calcium tablets made of calcium carbonate or other calcium compounds with binders and stabilizers.  Research shows that most capsules or pills have about 10-15% utilization rate.  Your doctor’s desk reference will prescribe the amount or number of capsules based on that assumption.  If you have trouble digesting that fact, pun intended, check with your city sewage waste department or the nearest porta-potty company.  Undigested vitamins, minerals and pills of every sort are a major disposal problem and you can still read the brand name on many.

Advanced supplementation was featured in the 2 part article in the May and June Acres entitled “Fire in the Water”.  The author has no personal experience is using the products mentioned, but the technology rang true.  At least two other companies in the UShave gone a step further in taking “digestion” out of the picture.  Their liquid minerals, which are the basis of life and healing, can pass through the skin or lining of the mouth and be transported to each and every cell.  This technology is important because part of the general decline of our health status has included weakening of digestive juices.  Once the mineral is in the blood and lymph system, the body will “decide”, on the basis of priority for the entire organism, where the minerals will be used for initial repairs. Other repairs will follow, as decided by the body, if the mineral are continued.  That’s why it may take several months for the symptoms you are trying to alleviate to disappear. These new technologies now make it much easier to give the body a chance to heal itself.

Even allopathic medicine is catching on.  They suggest folic acid to prevent birth defects, they suggest all people need supplementation due to the soil and food conditions and they recently noted that Q10, a popular supplement, has reduced the tremor effects of Parkinson’s disease.  Parkinson’s disease is mislabeled.  There is now anecdotal evidence the disease is really a condition of severe nutritional deficiency.  Fibromyalgia, another catch-all disease/condition label, falls into the same category.

So let’s assume that the body can heal itself from many conditions by the use of diet and supplementation with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids. What about the true diseases which involve and infectious entity?  An active immune system is the best defense.  Two alternative products that have appeared over the years are hydrogen peroxide and silver.  Both have proven to be effective both topically and internally.  Our ancestors crossed the plains with water barrels.  In the bottom of that barrel was the family silver and possibly some silver dollars.  The practice saved countless lives and saved the family silver from robbery as well.  Most hot tubs and spas have an option for peroxide systems and an insert point for a silver cartridge, because silver can kill bacteria, virus and fungal organisms on contact.  The author has learned to use the liquid silver in spas, humidifiers, etc. at a much reduced cost to standard chemicals.

Colloidal silver has been available in the market place for quite a few years.  It is effective.  The only problem lies with excess doses.  It won’t kill you, but you may have some buildup.  The reason that can happen with colloidal silver is that the size of the colloid may prevent full excretion.  The new soluble silvers, which are angstrom size rather than colloidal size, are just as effective without the build-up problem.

You really can’t afford not to have silver available for your family under today’s conditions.  Silver can kill anthrax spores, West Nile virus organisms, the viral organism associated with planters warts, small pox organisms, listeria, salmonella, cold and flu organisms, etc. when in direct contact, externally of internally.  If you read or listen to the news, your chances of coming in contact with one or more of them are escalating every day. We have had at least ten deaths in West Mich. from West Nile since it arrived this summer. Separate doses of silver should only be used when you know or suspect that you have come in contact or symptoms appear.  Get to a physician or hospital immediately if the organisms have already began producing enough toxins to cause symptoms, as silver will not neutralize the toxins already produced.  Continue to take silver until the symptoms are gone to make sure the organism is no longer present in your body.

If you do end up in a hospital for any reason, you must be fully aware that your chances of nosocomical [hospital acquired] infection and injury from errors is incredibly high.  Put the patient on silver and continue for at least a weed or two after leaving the health care facility.  Never leave a child, elderly person or anyone who will be unable to check things alone.    Check every medicine coming into the room and verify it has the correct patients name, type and dosage according to the doctor’s chart.  Ask every staff member, including doctors, if they have washed their hands since contact with a previous patient.  Use body markers on limbs that are to be removed or areas of body where the problem is.  Leave nothing to chance because the allopathic paradigm is coming apart.  There is such a shortage of healthcare workers that the government intends to give live virus small pox vaccinations to workers while still on duty instead of the keeping them home during their contagious period.  Medical costs are continuing to rise and will drag down the economy or become unaffordable to large numbers of people.  Doctors are refusing to do procedures because of liability insurance costs.  Medical problems and their allopathic paradigm “cure” are one of the main causes of personal bankruptcies in the US. Many companies are reducing or eliminating medical insurance coverage for employees. We must change the health/medical paradigm in the minds of the majority of US citizens or our future is bleak indeed.

There are some positive signs.  Over half the population have looked into or used alternative medical paradigms.  Organic food purchases are climbing rapidly.  Schools are offering healthy beverages along with or instead of colas.  A movement called “Slow Food” started in Italy and is making its way around the world.  Massage therapy and yoga are becoming “mainstream”.  Clinical studies have been compiled that identify the nutrient deficiencies associated with over 22 diseases/conditions that afflict us.  For a copy of these protocols, please see me at the Acres convention or contact my office.  Good Luck and Good Health.