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Innovations In Composting

Composting has undergone a great deal of refinements in recent years and many composting operations have finally become viable businesses with good long term markets and business potential. While experimentation for the purpose of overall improvement in compost continues, there are some already proven concepts that may not have widespread dissemination. There are a series […]

Making A Transition To Biological / Sustainable / Organic AG: How To Observe And Document Your Progress

By Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D. The first step in the transition is to establish the existing mineral levels in your soil and determine their availability to your crop. This is best obtained by have two distinctive type of testing done.  The first test is the standard Cation Exchange Capacity or CEC, which measures the amount of major, […]

The Basics Of Human Health

By Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D. All living things depend on resonance for survival.  Resonance refers to the state of having the organism in question able to vibrate in harmony with its surroundings.  Humans supposedly should live longer than we usually do according to biblical and scientific references.  “Balance” is another way of talking about the same thing. Minerals […]

The “Finishing” Problem

By Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D. Readers of The Stockman Grass Farmer know that most of the “answers” to grass fed meat production have already been published in these pages.  We know how to make grass grow for gain, which grass or forage to use for which season in which part of the country, etc.  We even know about the […]