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A Water Extraction of a Unique Ancient Mineral Deposit of Bucatunna Clay Containing Naturally Occurring Fulvic Acids and 72 Minerals

Meets NOP Standards – Non-Processed

Can be used as a Livestock Housing Spray: Add 1 pint to 10 gal spray – 1.5 gal/house

Can be used with in-row fertilizer programs: Add 1 quart/A

Can be used with foliar fertilizer sprays: Add 1 – 2 cups/A

Water Mineral comes from passing water over and through Bucatanna Clay, an Ancient Mississippi Clay Deposit with Unique Microbial and Mineral Content. The resulting water leachate contains the minerals, microbes and fulvic acids naturally occurring in the clay. No processing is used other than passing well water through the clay and collecting and packaging it.

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