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[0-0-7-15S-1Fe] A natural, mined, highly reactive volcanic deposit of sulfur in various forms; Potassium Sulfate, Calcium Sulfate, Elemental Sulfur, ThioSulfate and other multiple oxidation states. It also contains significant silica and selenium. S is essential for efficient use of N. Proven under field conditions to change soil structure. KS+ is more active than standard SO4 sources such as gypsum, 0-0-50, Ammonium Sulfate. Deposit contains naturally occurring Sulfating Bacteria that continue to oxidize any elemental sulfur after application. Very dry, 3/16 minus mesh is spreadable by drop or spinner. Approx, 67 lb/cubic foot.

Usually used at 200-400 lb on Eastern and Mid-Western soils. Can be used as high as 1000 lb/acre on high pH sodic or saline soils or as high as 1000 – 2000 lb/acre on heavy high magnesium soils. Apply 1 pt/A adjuvant in 20 gal water prior to, during or after rain or irrigation to allow water to penetrate clay, carrying sulfur ions to knock Mg or Na off clay micelles and carry them to the sub-soil. Repeat if existing soil profile does not show water penetration to below 8 – 10″. [NOP]

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