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Articles by Dr. Phil

Note: The following articles have been written over the past 5 - 10 years. Some of them may have been published by Acres USA or The Stockman Grass Farmer.

Agriculture and Human Intentionality

Comments on Potassium Silicate

Cutting Farming Costs in Today's Economy

Cut to the Chase

Dealing with Soybean Rust and Aphids

Farmer to Farmer article on Fish Products


How Do I begin a Conversion to Sustainable Agriculture?

Innovations in Composting

Making a Transition to Biological Agriculture

Never Mind Your P and K...

New Sound Around

Science & Philosophy in Organic Agriculture

Sustainable Methods for Dealing with Drought

The Basics of Human Health (Note: often a "human nutrition" section is included in the newsletters.)

The Finishing Problem

The Worst Disease in the United States

Thinking of Going Organic?

Whose Right & Whose Wrong?



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