Quantum Ag is simply a recognition of the nature of Nature and putting this knowledge to work.  All the other presently known and used paradigms such as sustainable, biological, bio-dynamic, organic, Albrecht’s CEC, Ream’s Biological Theory of Agriculture and Tainio’s Biological Farm Management System (BFMS)  are attempts at the same thing. Since paradigms are Models of reality, they all have parts of the currently known “truth”, but by definition, are not the whole truth. Quantum Ag tries to take into account all the currently known information and apply it to today's growing of crops.

The current nature of Nature - as we know it, - looks like this:  It appears that our universe started with a singularity of inconceivable amounts of energy that exploded into the Big Bang. We can’t know what came before or why or how the point of energy existed. We can trace what happened after the Big Bang as to the formation of what we now know as our universe.

Shortly after the Big Bang some of the energy condensed into matter. [Note: all matter that exists today is still condensed or coalesced energy.] The first matter consisted of low atomic weight atoms and molecules. Stars formed from clouds of this low weight matter, creating conditions within themselves of intense heat and pressure [a nuclear furnace] which were able to force the light weight matter into heavier matter. When these stars exploded, clouds of the new expanded types of matter condensed into planets, moons, asteroids, etc.

So our earth started with a mixture of light, medium and heavy minerals in the presence of water, sunlight, atmospheric gasses and the constant bathing of cosmic energy patterns from the rest of the universe. Today’s earth has soils derived from the original solid matter through the action of wind, water, temperature, pressure, and later, microbes.

This world view is strictly a scientific view from today's physicists, chemists and geologists and may not conform to everyone’s world view. What is interesting is that once you start reading the scientific papers of some bio-physicists, the concept of unknown forces/energies comes into play when living things are involved that are not explained by standard or Newtonian physics. The open minded bio-physicists recognized a spiritual aspect to the formation, life and death of living cells, whether plant, animal or human. When a cell is formed, an electronic, resonant cloud develops that stay with it until the cell dies. The energy leaving the dead call is called mitogenic radiation. A sick cell is one that has lost some of the resonance of its coherent cloud. This is an attractant to disease organisms.

Current quantum physics also recognizes a connection between all matter - living or inert - throughout the universe and the latest cross discipline science suggests the human mind is capable of influencing matter through the secular concept of intentionality or the religious concept of prayer.

When energy from the sun or other cosmic sources strikes plants, the plant interprets or uses it as information rather than absorbing it as heat energy. Otherwise, all plants would heat up, dehydrate and dry in the sun (sick plants do heat up). In the case of sunlight, the energy waves are attracted to the magnesium atom in the chlorophyll molecule and travel down the structure shaped like a funnel. When it comes out the bottom it is at a higher frequency/energy than it went in.  That energy is used to produce sugar and everything else the plant makes is built from the sugar or from energy release when burning/oxidizing the sugar. We also know, as identified by Callahan, other types of paramagnetic energy from the sun are absorbed by mountains and channeled under the ground and are attracted up into diamagnetic plants.  We don’t know all the functions of other cosmic rays that impact our plants every day, but we know that cells are about 100 times more sensitive to frequencies than to physical molecules/ions.

We know that resonant systems are healthy systems. Plants with less than the optimum amount of all necessary minerals can still be healthy if the ratios are balanced. Since each mineral has its own frequency, the frequencies are combined to give an overall whole frequency to the plant. Tainio identifies this situation by measuring the pH of plant sap. The closer to pH 6.4 the sap is the closure to perfect resonance the plant is. When such a plant is consumed by animal or human, more usable energy can be gotten from it. In the case of humans, we feed directly off of the frequencies of food as well as off the physical material processed by our stomach microbes.

Therefore, the big picture that we know is: Minerals are the basis of life and energy is required to make anything happen/move/change/grow in the universe. Microbes are the mediators of live on earth and the more we can use their large numbers and functions, the less fossil fuel energy is required to produce the same yield. All fertilizers either mined or manufactured are sources of energy put their by nature or added in the process of manufacturing. Plants grow from energy, not fertilizer. Only about 5% of any plant is minerals and the rest is non-mineral elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that come from carbon dioxide and water. Plants are sensitive to energy system and exhibit phototropism [turning toward light] and sonotropism [turning toward sound] as well as being negatively affected by microwave frequencies as recently confirmed by Bruce Tainio.

So, based on the above current state of our knowledge, what is the most effective/efficient way to conduct agriculture? The mineral connection is basic and obvious in all previous paradigms. Trying to micro-manage ppm or lbs/acre of any nutrient seems to be counterproductive. Why would you apply 8.5 lbs of a trace mineral or 111 lbs or 2.25 tons of a major mineral, when most soil testing is lucky to be plus or minus 20% accurate?  Using soil tests as a guide rather than a recipe makes more sense. Spreading a banquet table with reasonably balanced minerals allow the innate intelligence of the microbial/plant root system to choose and use what it knows it needs. Your job under those circumstances would be to make sure the soil is flocculated/oxygenated, has reasonable organic matter, provide adequate moisture, try to provide the most available food supply possible - which would be on frequency microbe digested crop residue or well made compost - and then let nature take its course. However, you can do more to take advantage of what we know.

The biological aspects have only recently been emphasized and are proving everyday to be a necessary component. Adding new microbes each spring or at other times during the season from compost or packaged products is proving economically viable and rewarding. Feeding the microbes carbohydrates [sugar, molasses] when the crop residue has been thoroughly digested also makes sense. You or your horse or tractor wouldn’t be expected to fuel up in the spring and go all season! All the current sustainable type paradigms have gotten this far in the paradigm - minerals and biology, - but understanding and inclusion of energy concepts drops off dramatically in many of the sustainable paradigms or their practitioners.

Even if you stop with the mineral and biological levels/paradigms, testing is critical! Soil tests can get you started, but tissue testing is a must. On-farm meter testing [brix & pH] is a start, but leaf or petiole nutrient tests are the only way to confirm what your efforts are really producing. Boron, silica and calcium levels are very revealing. When 90+ % of soil test coming through our labs are deficient in boron, I can imagine what the silica and calcium levels are in your crops.

Dr. Reams was a major, early contributor to our understanding of the energy aspect of plant growth. Plants can only do two things, grow or reproduce. Dr. Reams identified what each of the common fertilizer anions and cations were in terms of their energy. Each fertilizer either indicates to the plant that it should grow or it should reproduce or do both. For instance, ammonium sulfate is a double reproduction material since both the ammonium ion and the sulfate ion are telling the plant to go in to the reproductive state. Calcium nitrate, on the other hand, is a double growth signal.

 Nature is always sending similar signals to your crop via length of day, moon cycles, and solar system and cosmic energies as identified by Steiner. Those signals take precedence unless you deliberately enhance natures signal or try to override it and have the plant do something in a different time frame than what nature has in mind. This technology can be the basis for efficient and appropriate pop-up fertilizers, side dressing or foliar feeding. For instance, side dressing a mixture of 28% N with a few gallons of ammonium thiosul tells the plant to concentrate its energies into corn ear production. Organic growers have to be a little more subtle, but dry or liquid extracts of organic sources can be used. TN Brown Phosphate, NKS Plus, 0-0-50, Epsom Salts and other organic products can be applied with varying degrees of success.

The next step in energy manipulation is to apply direct energy signals to the crop. A large amount of research has been published about shining different frequency lights at night on crops. Although positive affects were shown, nothing practical has been used in commercial agriculture. A patent was issued to an IL farmer for the use of a machine that applies electric current to the soil while planting. It had some great results, but has never become commercially available. Since sounds have always been a part of nature and plants are phonotropic, then using sound is a viable technology. At least two US patents have been issued for the use of sound technology to enhance plant growth. One is based on high frequency sound waves [above 3000 Hertz] and one is based on frequencies below 3000 Hertz. Both systems produce observable plant response such as rapid growth and increased insect or disease resistance due to an increased uptake of nutrients, but each system has unique capabilities or limitations.

A unique and extensive system of applying captured and concentrated energies was envisioned by Rudolph Steiner in the 20’s. The paradigm that developed from his teachings is commonly called Biodynamics®. Newer methods of interpreting and using Steiner’s concepts are also available in the marketplace. The paradigm allows for the capturing of energies/frequencies from our solar system and beyond in unique vessels such as cow horns, and the subsequent dilution and spreading of the captured energy patterns to fields and crops. Newer methods of producing homeopathic preparations as well of some new patterns such as horn clay have greatly enhanced the capabilities of Steiner preps to enhance crop production.

The most esoteric form of energy manipulation is the use of mind waves or thought patterns. The science of quantum physics is required to explain how this is possible. Application of mind energy is demonstrated by the use of radionic devices and the use of towers or broadcasters. Radionic devices can be used to broadcast specific frequencies to soil and crops for the purpose of enhancement through increased resonance of the total plant frequencies. Most radionic operators use an intent when broadcasting said frequencies. Tuners or broadcasters provide 24/7, 365 application of thought patterns [intentions/prayers] to be applied to a farm along with chosen frequencies.

The Tainio Field Tuners rely on a high quality crystal to gather nature’s energies, tune them, and then broadcasts them back out over a huge area without reference to a specific farm. Written instructions [intent] can be used with the Tuners. Lovel type Broadcasters follow the Steiner precept that says each farm is like a living entity and should be treated as such. Therefore, Lovel towers contain maps with the farm in question clearly outlined as well as statements of intentionality/prayers. It is easy to verify that the frequencies emanating from the homeopathic preps in the tower are confined to the owner’s property and are not drifting onto their neighbors. In some instances, people can actually see the energy coming from the tower in the form of blue dots and watch it fill in the space within in the confines of the map of the farm. Again, this can be scientifically explained by quantum physics.

Frequencies that your plants can’t recognize or deal with must be carefully avoided. That means all synthesized chemicals/poisons should be avoided. It also means that manufactured materials that may be in the realm of sustainable or organic may sometimes be the wrong material/frequency for that situation. Radionic comparison is the only way to tell prior to application whether or not a material is appropriate. Learning how to dowse can be a quick shortcut to the same information i.e., does my crop need this material at this time and will it increase the resonance/coherence [bring the tissue pH closer to 6.4] of the plants.

The refractometer has certainly given us the ability to evaluate how our plant factory is doing concerning the production of sugar, but now it is time to take it to the next level. Buy a pH meter and use it on a weekly of bi-weekly basis. React to the reading by foliar feeding, sidedressing and/or radionically broadcasting corrective frequencies and take tissue samples to determine what steps to take next.

These are the current tools we have available to work with soil and plants. I’m sure there will be new inventions and discoveries. As Bruce Tainio points out, we may have to use defensive methods to counteract the filling of the atmosphere by human-generated frequencies [cell phones] that our plants have never before experienced. You can imagine what other living organisms will experience!